Wondering what it's like having Hotchkin Law represent you? Here's what some of our clients have had to say about our service:

May 2016 - DUI Defense

Lee did a great job on my case. The outcome was not exactly what I wanted, but he did, in my eyes, win the case. I feel very happy with the outcome. Could of been better, but also could of been a lot worse.

April 2016 - Excellent

I have worked with many attorneys in 40 years of business, mostly contracts and lawsuits. Nervous about a complicated DUI case, I was greatly relieved to learn that Mr. Hotchkin not only had a thorough knowledge of the law, but a clear understanding of how the court system works in such cases. 
Not only did my case require great attention to details, it required some wizardry as well. Mr. Hotchkin provided both. 


March 2016 - Exceptional Lawyer

Mr. Hotchkin represented my husband in a criminal law case. He was able to have most charges dismissed and the one remaining charge reduced to a misdemeanor. He did such an excellent job, that we hired him again to represent us in a very difficult family law case. Once again, Mr Hotchkin prevailed. I attribute his success to experience, great communication, attention to detail and in depth knowledge of the legal system. I highly recommend Mr. Hotchkin.

March 2016 - Knowlegeable, Confidence, Persistence, Proved my Innocence

My worst nightmare came true and I was pulled over and arrested while driving through Nevada, while traveling cross country with a small amount of Marijuana in my possession. I was booked for a DUI although I was not intoxicated and passed many sobriety tests. Ever since my first phone call with Lee he assured me that he would help me get my case resolved without facing the harsh repercussions and aftermath of facing a DUI. He fought and explained every aspect of my innocence in trail. With only a few conversations and emails he represented me as if we had discussed my situation for years. I would highly recommend Lee as he is extremely well prepared and aggressive. I couldn't have hoped for a better resolution from my road trip misfortune.


November 2016 - We Were Lucky

I was able to retain Lee to represent my son, a young man of 23 years. I interviewed several attorneys and reviewed many as well, I was concerned for my son. I found Mr. Hodgkins to be by far the most well versed attorney for us. We were impressed. A nice man, too.


November 2015 - Job Well Done

He certainly did the job for me. All the arguments he made or was preparing for seemed well thought out and based on plenty of experience. He walked me through each of the many steps involved in the legal process, answered any questions I had quickly, and ultimately was able to get a DUI reduced to a much lesser charge. I have no complaints about that outcome.

May 2016 - Trustworthy Lawyer

Lee accepted our case when other attorney's wouldn't, because he had compassion. Our previous attorney did a poor job and left us in a very vulnerable position. I was incredibly impressed with his approach to our case - extremely thorough, organized, professional, insightful, and determined. The difference between our experience with Lee and the other attorney was like night and day. Lee didn't leave a stone unturned and was prepared for every point during the arbitration. We met with him weekly leading up to the date, practiced responses, updated the trial book as needed, and went in fully prepared. I was also impressed with his experience and knowledge during the trial - acting quickly in any situation with great insight and was able to overcome all arguments made by the other side. He was kind, polite and caring during the whole process. And he won our case! We highly recommend him.